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Summary Software configuration management tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


SCM is commonly known as version control, and is achieved using tools such as CVS. SCM is key to any software development project that wants to actually ship and support a project.

This category hosts SCM tools and related utilities, as well as information about SCM concepts and methodologies in the File sharing area.


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Project name Summary
svnscc An SCC Provider for Subversion
svnutils Utilities for Subversion
svnvb6 Subversion integration for Visual Basic 6
svnwcrev Incorporate Subversion repository information into your source
svnwebcontrol Control a Web-Project versioned with SVN via Browser.
svnwintools A collection a small tools to make usage of Subversion easier under a windows environment.
teamup4requirements To provide version and configuration management enhanced capabilities for medium to large sized specification projects with subversion.
tksvn Cross-platform Subversion and CVS GUI
tortoisesvn Windows Shell Extension for Subversion
tortoisesvnscc Subversion SCC Plugin for TortoiseSVN
tsvncn TortoiseSVN chinese translation
usvn USVN is a web interface which permit to administrate SVN servers
viewsvnserve Web frontend to the Subversion svnserve daemon.
viewvc Web-based version control repository browser
vmaster XP Version Master
vss-subverter Convert a VSS Repository to Subversion
vss2svn Visual SourceSafe to Subversion Converter
vss2svn2 VisualSourceSafe to Subversion migration
vss2svnmigrate Migrate VSS repository to Subversion
websvn PHP based web interface of Subversion repositories
wrapsvn Wrapper plugin for using the subversion executable from eclipse.
wxsvnadmin A GUI frontend for svnadmin based on wxPython